Lovin’ On Sweet Potatoes for Valentine’s and American Heart Month

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We don’t know about y’all, but around here we think February is just the sweetest! With Valentine’s Day, National Sweet Potato Month AND American Heart Month, is it any wonder…
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3 Ways to Easy Ways to Enjoy National Sweet Potato Month

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Y’all, it’s our favorite month and not just because we love Valentine’s Day. February is also National Sweet Potato Month and we’re here to share a handful of…
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Baking with the Sweetest

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Still have the baking urge post-holidays? Though your sugar cravings might have subsided after all those cookies, it doesn't mean you have to put down the spatula. Yes, it's true - some of…
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New Year, New You with the Sweetest!

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It’s that time of year again y’all: salads, workout classes and the countless promises to be a healthier person. So often it seems like come February, we just give up…
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Three Sweet Holiday Cheers

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A wise person once said, “Think not what your sweet potato can be on the dinner table, but what it can be in your glass.” Or something along those lines!…
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Simple Holiday Entertaining with Sweet Taters

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Curb that holiday stress, y’all. There’s loads of simple sweet tater dishes out there to get you through your gatherings – whether you’re a host or a guest. First up,…
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Giving Thanks with Sweet Potatoes

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The big day is finally here, and we just can’t think of anything that goes together quite as well as Thanksgiving and sweet potatoes! Whether y’all swap them in for…
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World Kindness Day

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Do you know November 13th is World Kindness Day? Here at the NC Sweet Potato Commission, we take being kind - or as we say, being sweet - very…
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November 2016 Newsletter
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Have a Sweet & Spooky Halloween

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Halloween: an evening with candy by the handfuls and lots of cute (or scary) costumes. Make yours ghoulishly good, but also have some healthy-ish snacks on hand. That’s where our…
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