Instagram Giveaway: Show us your #sweetsides!

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Hey Sweet Tater Lovers! In honor of Thanksgiving and our favorite holiday ingredient (sweet potatoes!), we’re hosting a #sweetsides giveaway on our Instagram page, @sweet_taters! From sweet potato pie to sweet…
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Naughty Cravings: Sweet Potato Bisque with Brown Butter Cinnamon Sugar Croutons

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Creamy, smooth, delectable bisque is one thing. Creamy, smooth delectable bisque with bourbon is a whole‘nother animal. Creamy, smooth delectable bisque with bourbon and brown butter cinnamon sugar croutons? Now…
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Don’t Toss That Tater – 3 Sweet Potato Second Uses

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Have you ever baked a few too many sweet potatoes (the initial thought being: “O.M.G. I LOVE THESE - I’LL PROBABLY EAT THREE!”) and found yourself stuffed, staring…
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Where are the Sweet Potatoes?

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Written by Heather Barnes, North Carolina Department of Agriculture's "Women in Ag" Before we started growing sweet potatoes on our farm a few years ago, I'd never given the…
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ONE Fights Poverty + Hunger With Sweet Potatoes

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ONE's current campaign, A Recipe 4 Change, is calling on world leaders to put sweet potatoes on menus to save 25 million children from chronic malnutrition by 2016.…
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