Why We Dig Sweet Potato Lasagna

Who doesn’t love a fantastic homemade Italian dish? Y’all know we do! So are you really surprised that we’re a little (or a lot!) obsessed with adding sweet potatoes to lasagna? Whether you replace the pasta itself with little tubers, blend them up into a spread or just stuff them in the layers, sweet potatoes are the perfect addition for your next pasta dinner. Even Chef Vivian Howard loves sweet potato lasagna so much that she’s serving it up at her restaurant, Chef & The Farmer!

sp 1So in honor of National Lasagna Day, we’ve rounded up our favorite recipes for you to try at home. For starters, our Sweet potato Pesto Lasagna Rolls are easy to make and are sure to please the whole family. Who knew sweet potatoes and pesto are just such a great pair?


sp 2If you’re vegan or dining with vegan friends, we have a dish for you! Just replace your noodles with thin sweet potato slices for an amazing #SweetSwap. Just ask Minimalist Baker! Her Vegan Sweet Potato Lasagna will have you wondering why you ever used pasta in the first place. Not to mention this recipe is packed full of nutritious ingredients that will make everyone happy and healthy.

Last but certainly not least, we couldn’t leave out Happy Healthy Hunters‘ Sweet Potato Vegetarian Lasagna. This dish just isn’t complete without all of that nutritious spinach, grilled eggplant and puréed sweet potato – what a beaut! It just might become one of your favorite lasagnas yet.

There ya have it, folks – sweet potato lasagna! While it’s not exactly traditional Italian, we know these recipes would be Nonna approved. Enjoy National Lasagna Day and remember to tag us in your sweet potato pictures @sweet_taters and we may feature your delicious image!

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