The Star of Healthy Energy

Today, most people know sweet potatoes are healthy. Though many are still surprised to learn about all the health benefits sweet potatoes actually offer. From vitamin A to C, fiber to antioxidants, manganese to complex carbs, your favorite sweet spud is perfect for those living a healthy, active life on the go!

This is where Ally comes in. As a professional bike racer, Ally lives life at full speed. Her fast-paced, active lifestyle motivated her to create her own energy bars, called Ally’s Bar, as she believes “to get the most out of something, you have to put the right stuff into it.” All of her ingredients are hand-selected ensuring each bar is top quality for others seeking healthy energy like Ally.

What’s the main ingredient Ally chose? Sweet potatoes!

Her flagship bar blends sweet potato with dates, nuts, cranberries, bananas and dark chocolate. And the fun doesn’t stop there, Ally’s Bar also has a Sweet Potato with Apple Carrot Ginger bar and Sweet Potato with Pistachio Cashew Pumpkin Seed bar. Nom nom nom. Oh and did we mention they are all non-GMO, gluten free and kosher? Ally, we love you – equally as much as you love sweet potatoes. The feelings are mutual.

Read more about the health benefits of sweet potatoes or visit the USDA website for the complete nutritional analysis of a medium sweet potato, baked in its skin.


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