Endless Possibilities

As the top sweet potato producing state in the nation, NC growers produce almost 50% of the nation’s annual crop. NC sweet potatoes are standouts in the industry due to our state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled curing and storage facilities. When you purchase NC Sweet Potatoes at any time throughout the year, they are just as fresh as the day they were picked from the soil.   NC farmers produce many different varieties of sweet potatoes that can meet your needs. We are the largest growers of Covington, which is a traditional orange fleshed variety. Our farmers also grow other varieties including white, red and even purple sweet potatoes.

Once you decide which variety you need, you can find a grower or packer that meets your needs. Our farmers have also realized the value of sweet potatoes outside of the produce section. Many NC companies produce value-added products using NC sweet potatoes. From puree to microwave-ready, from french fries to spirits, NC farmers are on the cutting edge of developing value-added products for the industry.


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