Packers and Shippers

5 Girls Produce

Address: 108 Planters Walk Ln., Clinton, NC 28334,

Contact: HC Precythe or Terry Cottle

Phone: 866-442-3568


Products: sweet potatoes, cucumber, squash, pepper, & eggplant

Brands: 5 Alive, 5 Girls, Sweet Delight, Blue Bayou

Varieties: Beauregard, Covington

Pack: 40 pound cartons, bulk bins, special sizes

Details: 5 girls is a broker/shipper of sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables located in the heart of Eastern North Carolina's vegetable producing areas. Over 40 years of experience in the sweet potato and vegetable industry enables us to take pride in being able to satisfy adn meet our customer needs on a daily basis.

B & B Produce

Address: 2778 NC 50 South, Benson, NC 27504

Contact: Bob Bassetti, President

Phone: 919-894-2527, 609-561-8835



Brands: Sun Beauty, Micro-Sweet

Varieties: Beauregard, Covington

Pack: 5 lb - 40 lb, individually wrapped 20 lb boxes


Burch Brothers Farm

Address: 685 Burch Rd; PO Box 399, Faison, NC, 28341

Contact: Jimmy Burch, Owner

Phone: 910-267-5781; 800-468-9668



Brands: Georgiana, Sugar ’N Spice, Steak House, Cinnamon & Sugar, Candy Yams

Varieties: Covington, Hernandez, Grand Asia; Organic Sweet potatoes available

Pack: 40 lb.

Details: We specialize in computer sized, waxed Sweet Potatoes. The consumer gets the size they want, the appearance they expect, and ionization is available for better shelf life.

Doug Lee Farms

Address: P.O. Box 178 Four Oaks, NC 27524

Contact: Doug Lee

Phone: 919-963-6071







Farm Fresh Produce Inc.

Address: P.O. Box 124

Contact: Steven A. Ceccarelli - President, Bethany Malcom - Office Manager, Diana Ramirez - Sales Assistant

Phone: 800-606-9267 or 910-920-8971 FAX: 800-807-9267


Products: Farm Fresh sweet potatoes

Brands: Farm Fresh Premium Quality Sweet Potatoes

Varieties: Beauregard, Covington

Pack: 40 lb/18 kg boxes, 15 kg boxes, 6kg boxes, COMING SOON: 3&5lb bags!

Details: Suppliers and exporters of sweet potatoes to England, Holland, Ireland, France and the United States.

Farm Pak Products, Inc.

Address: 7840 Old Bailey Hwy, Spring Hope, NC 27882

Contact: Johnny Barnes, President

Phone: 800-367-2799



Brands: Farm Pak, Queen Ann, Beta Blast, Dole

Varieties: Evangeline, Covington, White, Batata, Orientals, Organic

Pack: 3 lb and 5 lb bags, 20 lb and 40 lb boxes, 1,000 lb plastic bins, 1,200 lb cardboard bins, 6 kg box export, Count Pack 45-60-75-80-90, organic 2 lb net bag, microwave single wrap

Details: Electronic sizer for a uniform size pack, count pack, year round supply, exclusive marketers and exporter for Barnes Farming, USDA GAP & GHP, GLOBAL GAP, CCOF, IFOM Organic Certified

Godwin Produce Co.

Address: PO Box 163, Dunn, NC, 28334

Contact: David Godwin

Phone: 910-892-4171



Brands: Godwin Produce Co., Sweet Carolina, Godwin’s Blue Ribbon, Dunn’s Best

Varieties: Beauregard 94-14, Covington

Pack: 10 lb., 40 lb., bulk, bins

Details: Quality oriented, family-owned and operated grower/shipper with over 50 years in the industry.

Ham Produce Company, Inc.

Address: 963 Hwy 258 S, Snow Hill, NC 28580

Contact: Bobby G Ham - President, Stacy Ham-Lane - Vice Pres., Steven Pope - Sales

Phone: 252-747-8200, 866-747-8200



Brands: Ham's Yams, Sweet Carolinas, Baker's Pride, Granny's Choice, Micro Yams, Carolina's Best

Varieties: Beauregard, Covington, Grand Asia, Japanese, white & organic

Pack: 40 lb, 10 lb, 3-5 lb bags, bulk, 6-12 kg, shrink wraps, microwavable in individual & tray packs, bulk, bins and totes.

Details: Family-owned and operated grower/packer/shipper/exporter since 1975. Specializing in sweet potatoes from seed to store. Global GAP certified for over 15 years.

J. Roland Wood Farms

Address: 2500 Beasley Rd, Benson, NC, 27504

Contact: Roland Wood, Owner/Sales

Phone: 919-894-2318; 919-207-0802 (night)



Brands: Suzy’s Supreme, Little Mike, Big Daddy’s Jumbos, Wood Farms

Varieties: Beauregard, Hernandez

Pack: 40 lb.

Details: A family, hands-on business capable of serving individual customers with individual attention.

Kornegay Family Farms

Address: 610 Worley Rd, Princeton, NC, 27569

Contact: Danny Kornegay or Kim Kornegay LeQuire

Phone: 919-920-7865; 919-915-3084 or 919-936-0211


Products: Sweet Potatoes

Brands: Family Pride

Varieties: Covington

Pack: 40 pound cartons, bulk

Details: Fourth generation family farm in Johnston County that has grown sweet potatoes since 1953. Global GAP certified, goodness Grows in North Carolina member, American Heart Association Heart Check Certified. Grower-Packer-Shipper with 800 acres of sweet potatoes and storage capacity for 400,000 bushels. Complete traceback capability. Produce Traceability Initiative compliant.

Michael Tart Farming

Address: 5557 NC HWY 242 S. Dunn, NC 28334

Contact: Michael Tart

Phone: 919-894-2707







Millstream Farms

Address: 1131 Timothy Rd, Dunn, NC, 28334

Contact: Henry Chancy

Phone: 910-567-6745



Brands: Sweet Delight

Varieties: Beauregard, Hernandez

Pack: Med-No. 1, Large-No. 1, Mixed Pack

Details: Quality Sweet Potatoes

Nash Produce

Address: 6160 S NC Hwy 58, Nashville, NC, 27856,,

Contact: Thomas Joyner - President / Richard Joyner - Vice President / Laura Kornegay - Marketing & Business Development Director / Hunter Gibbs - Sales / Don Sparks - Sales / Butch VanEpps - Sales / Jim Young - Sales / Doug White - Food Safety Manager

Phone: 252-443-6011 or Toll Free: 800-334-3032



Brands: Nash’s Pride, Nash’s Gold, Cajan Gold, Oh So Sweet, Mr. Yam Microwaveables

Varieties: Covington, Beauregard

Pack: 40 lb box, 3-5 lb bags, 6kg box, 1.5 lb bags - MR. Yam Steamable Sweets,foodservice count packs, shrink-wrapped microwavables, bulk, bins, totes, custom sizing available

Details: One of the largest cucumber and sweet potato shippers in the United States. We specialize in providing the best quality sweet potatoes to retailers, restaurants, foodservice, processing and exports 365 days a year. Our sweet potatoes are electronic sized, allowing us to offer the perfect size and solution to our customers needs. We are fully integreated in food safety and tracability and maintain annual certifications. (Global GAP, Pimus GFS, USDA, GAP, and Organic Certified). With dedicated personnel for freight logistics, food safety, marketing and sales, we offer a turn-key solution for fresh sweet potato needs.

Rock Ridge Farms

Address: 6611 Luther Rd. Wilson, NC 27893

Contact: Robert Boyette

Phone: 252-237-1426







Russet House Inc.

Address: 142 Route 202, Suite 103, Huntington, Quebec Canada J0S 1H0

Contact: Michael Zieger, VP of Sales

Phone: 908-872-9228


Products: Processes IQF sweet potato products, sweet potato fries, diced sweet potatoes, sweet potato puree, low fat sweet potato fries, non-GMO swet potato products

Brands: Russet House

Varieties: Processor of Covingtons/Beauregards/Evanglines

Pack: We pack to your requirements

Details: Russet House develops products that each customer can call their own. Our dynamic team offers a full service process that includes logistics, product development, quality assurance and graphic design. Private label processor and Co-packer of IQF Sweet Potato Products. Organic and gluten free sweet potato fries

Scott Farms, Inc.

Address: 7965A Simpson Rd, Lucama, NC, 27851

Contact: Sonny Scott, Owner

Phone: 919-284-4030; 919-284-4014; Toll-free: 877-284-4030


Products: fresh sweet potatoes

Brands: Sonny’s Pride, Dri Pak

Varieties: Covington, Carolina Ruby, White & Musasaki

Pack: 40 lb., 20 lb., 3 lb. bagged & microwavables.

Details: Family-owned and operated grower/packer. On our 3rd generation of producing quality Sweet Potatoes.

Southern Produce Distributors. Inc.

Address: PO Box 130, Faison, NC, 28341,, or

Contact: Stewart Precythe - CEO, Brenda Oglesby, Kelley Precythe, or Carlos Quintanilla

Phone: 910-267-0011



Brands: Pointer Brand, Chef's Pride, Southern Choice Yams, Southern's Large Yams

Varieties: Beauregard

Pack: 5, 10, and 40 lb cartons, consumer packs

Details: Over 60 years of quality service in sweet potatoes and vegetables. Hagan sizer for premium packs. Over 1,000,000 sq.ft. of year round storage capacity. Supplier, processor, wholesale, retail, foodservice and international sales.

Spring Acres Sales Co. Inc

Address: 5645 Macedonia Rd, Spring Hope, NC, 27882

Contact: Charlie Lewis

Phone: 252-478-5127; 800-849-5436


Products: sweet potatoes

Brands: Spring Acres, Spring Harvest, Mardi Gras, French Quarter

Varieties: Evangaline, Covington

Pack: 40 lb. boxes, 5lb. bags, 800 lb. cardboard bins, No.1 & No.2 sized and foodservice

Details: 30 years of quality, customer service, and satisfaction

Triple “J” Produce, Inc.

Address: 8541 Bailey Rd, Sims, NC, 27880 or

Contact: Mike Hocutt, Owner, Joey Hocutt, Owner or Kristi Hocutt, Sales

Phone: 252-205-2935 / 252-205-2936 / 252-289-8326



Brands: Classic Sweets and Buckhorn Sweets

Varieties: Covington, Garnet, Murasaki

Pack: 3,5, & 10-lb bags of Small and Medium #1's; 40-lb cartons; 800-lb bulk bins of sized #1's; Combination packs or Jumbo packs.

Details: Our family-owned business recently constructed a packing and storage facility with refrigeration for year-round sales of washed, waxed, uniformly packed sweet potatoes.

Tull Hill Farms

Address: 2264 Hugo Rd, Kinston, NC, 28501

Contact: Kendall Hill, Rob Hill

Phone: 252-523-4406



Brands: Hill’s Premium, THF Brand

Varieties: Beauregard, Covington

Pack: 10 lb., 40 lb., Bulk, Bins

Details: Seed producer of generation I and II Sweet Potatoes. Tull Hill Farms grows and ships the best quality Sweet Potato possible, which are stored and packed in a state-of-the-art, controlled environment facility.

Vick Family Farms Partnership

Address: 11124 Christian Rd, Wilson, NC, 27896-8115 ,,,,

Contact: Jerome, Charlotte, or Diane Vick

Phone: (252) 237-7313; (252) 291-8880


Products: Sweet potato plants, sweet potatoes, all pack sizes, bulk and processing.

Brands: Carolina Gold, Pure Gold

Varieties: Beauregard, Covington, Evangaline, O'Henry

Pack: 40 lb., 10 lb, 6 kg, Bulk, shrinkwrap

Details: Family-owned and operated business. Reliable service and dependable quality with complete traceback capability..

Wada Farms Marketing Group, LLC

Address: 8601 Six Forks Rd. Suite 400 Raleigh, NC 27615

Contact: Shane Watt: VP of Sourcing Norman Brown: Director of Sales Jeff Scramlin: Director of Business Development

Phone: 919-578-4020 fax: 919-882-2039


Products: Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes and Onions grown, packed and shipped in the DOLE label.

Brands: Dole, Wada

Varieties: Covington, Beauregard, Murasaki

Pack: 3 lb., 5 lb., bulk and carton

Details: Wada Farms Marketing Group exclusively manages the DOLE sweet potato, potato and onion program in North America. This includes all sales, marketing and packaging.

Wayne E. Bailey Produce Company, Inc.

Address: 490 Old US Highway 74, Chadbourn, NC, 28431-9510,,,,,,,,

Contact: George Wooten, Owner; Nicky Herring, Produce Scheduler/Sales; Ronnie Mercer, Sales; Michelle Jacobs, Sales; Pat Wooten, Sales Manager; Corey Troutman, Food Safety Coordinator; Adam Wooten, Operations Manager; George Wooten III, Farm Manager

Phone: 910-654-5163; 800-845-6149



Brands: Play Boy, Green Giant, Sampson King, Nutritional Allstars, We Be Yammin’

Varieties: Beauregard, Covington, White, Orientals

Pack: 3 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., 40 lb., Bulk, Bins, Foodservice count packs, Microwaves

Details: The leading innovator in the sweet potato industry since 1935. Offering one of the most complete sweet potato lines for retail, foodservice, export & process. This includes our newest products: Sweet Potato Fingerlings, Fresh Cut Sweet Potatoes, Frozen Sweet Potato Fries, Fresh Sweet Potato Fries with Butter, Petite Steamables and Shrink Wrapped Microwavables.

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