Foodservice Promotion Kit

Dear School Foodservice Directors,

We’re so pleased that you’ve chosen to explore our promotion kit for ‘March is Nutrition Month’! Below are the details of the promotion and how you can make use of them most effectively.


Download our healthy nutritious school foodservice recipes here which include everything from main courses and side dishes to salads and desserts. These recipes are nutritionally dense, fit nutritional requirements, and are formatted to fit into your notebook.

Cafeteria Contest:

Please distribute the “Eat Well. Live Well.” poster to your cafeteria manager. Display the poster in a prominent area and include small index cards nearby for students to write their names and guess how many sweet potatoes in the crate. Put an answer box nearby. After a specified date, have the cafeteria manager review the responses and the entry closest to 722 will be the winner. Reward the winning student with a special prize or privilege. As this contest is part of nutrition month, we ask that you do not offer a free dessert food as the prize.

Teacher Lesson Plans:

The teacher lesson plans are one of the most important components of the kit. Please download the plans here and pass them on to the lead fourth grade teacher in your school. These lesson plans will teach the children about healthy eating, exercise and the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need.

Again, we thank you for your interest in these materials and we hope that you will use all of the components of this promotion as you educate kids about the importance of good nutrition during March.


Sue Johnson-Langdon

Executive Director

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