Three Sweet Holiday Cheers

A wise person once said, “Think not what your sweet potato can be on the dinner table, but what it can be in your glass.” Or something along those lines!

For those of you who only think of sweet potatoes in casseroles, we have a few boozy tricks up our sleeve for your holiday! That’s right y’all – sweet potato cocktails. Perfect for a number of holiday occasions: when you have a house-full of bickering family members, when your shopping list is never ending, when Grandma says something inappropriate, when your present isn’t delivered in time despite paying extra…the list goes on! When a holiday mishap occurs, try one of these sweet potato cocktails that are sure to make everything sweet again.

Sweet Potato Casserole Cocktail – If toasted ‘mallows are your favorite part of the holiday casserole, then this cocktail is for you. But before we get to the garnish, this glorified cocktail deserves its own video tutorial, which you can find in the link. First, roast your sweet potato bringing out its natural caramelization. Then mash, add sugar and boil to a create your own simple syrup before blending with bourbon for the most epic holiday cocktail.

Sweet Potato Pie Cocktail – Move over casserole, this cocktail has its sights on the classic sweet potato pie. It’s unique blend of sweet potato, pear and cinnamon is the perfect blend of sweetness, while the tequila adds a subtle saltiness to balance out this beverage.


Sweet Potato & Rosemary CocktailBiscuits & Such walks us through a do-it-yourself simple syrup using sweet potatoes, brown sugar and rosemary. The warm blend of herbs & sweetness mixed with a splash of vodka & prosecco makes this holiday cocktail a unique, bubbly treat.


Let’s raise a glass to our sweet family & friends, sweet memories and most of all, sweet taters. And don’t forget to tag us (@sweet_taters) in all your holiday posts. Cheers to a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!


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