RD Tool Kit


On behalf of over 400 North Carolina sweet potato growers, we welcome you to the premier edition of the NC Sweet Potato Tool Kit for Registered Dietitians. The tool kit is loaded with information to help you educate your customers and introduce them to new usage ideas that are part of a delicious and healthful diet.

In addition to nutrition information, reference and education materials, we have included plenty of reproducible pages for you to distribute to your customers in-store or at community events.

For more sweet potato inspiration, visit our social media pages – we’d love to hear how you’re experimenting with your sweet spuds!

We look forward to working with you.

Sweet Regards,
Kelly McIver
Executive Director, North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

  • Sweet Potatoes 101

    Sweet Potato 101

    Everything you need to become a NC sweet potato expert. From how to choose the perfect spud to how to use. Not sure what matchstick sweet potatoes are? This section will teach you! Read More >>

  • Pop Quiz

    Pop Quiz

    Sweet Potato or Yam? Think you know the differences between yams and sweet potatoes? Take our quiz and test your root knowledge! Read More >>

  • Sweet Potatoes in the Kitchen

    Sweet Potatoes in the Kitchen

    Did you know that about 20% of young adults feel that sweet potatoes aren’t easy to cook? Have no fear! This section shows you how to bake, grill, microwave and more! Read More >>

  • Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

    Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

    Don’t let their sweet nature fool you! Sweet potatoes’ nutritiousness is off the charts. Discover why sweet potatoes are a wholesome option for children, adults, diabetics and anyone interested in improving their health. Read More >>

  • Sweet Potatoes plus Diabetes

    Sweet Potatoes + Diabetes

    Learn why these root veggies may be a good choice even for someone on a diabetic diet, playing a role in stabilizing or lowering blood sugar. Read more >>

  • Sweet Potato Recipes

    Sweet Potato Recipes

    Our sweet potato recipes prove these sweet spuds can transform breakfast, dessert and everything in between. Read More >>

  • 52 Ways to Love Sweet Potatoes

    Our goal is to increase consumer awareness of the versatility and nutritional/health benefits of sweet potatoes and encourage families to eat NC sweet potatoes at least once a week. In this section, you will find background information, talking points, printable recipes, social media content and a feature recipe. Read more >>

  • 52 Ways Customizable Pitch

    Use with your local media throughout the year to secure on-air interviews and/or quotes in local publications. Read more >>

  • 52 Ways Z-Card

    Our fun 52 Ways Z-Card handout shares a delicious sweet potato recipe for every week of the year! Share with your consumers to increase awareness of the versatility and nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes and encourage families to eat NC sweet potatoes at least once a week. To request a printed 52 Ways Z-Card handout, please contact Julie LePere at Julie.LePere@padillacrt.com. Read More >>


    Want to spread the word about your favorite sweet spud? In this section, you will find designed and easy-to-download memes to share sweet potato nutrition and fun facts with your followers on social media. Simply download the image and upload to the social media platform of your choice. Also, be sure to tag @sweet_taters and we’ll share your posts with our audiences as well. Read More >>